Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of a restaurant is "The Gogi"?

We are a sit-down restaurant with servers that attend to your table during your dining experience. We are not a fast food service. We also do not have a buffet.

Is the lunch menu available during weekends?

Unfortunately, no. The lunch menu is exclusively available during weekday lunch hours from 10 AM - 2:30 PM. The lunch menu is not available during weekends, nor are they available during major holidays (i.e. Memorial Day, July 4th, etc.)

Can I still order from the dinner menu during lunch hours on weekdays?

Certainly! Our dinner menu is available upon request even during weekday lunch periods. However, it is important to know that certain menu items that are available in the lunch menu are not available in the dinner menu.

Are there combo or special deals available?

Our combos are exclusively available during weekday lunch hours only. Unfortunately, we do not have combo deals during dinner hours. According to our chefs' discretion, we may have a temporary special for the day! Do stop by often to see if such a special is made available!

What happened to the self-service system during lunch hours?

Upon reviewing customer feedback, we did away with the self-service system in favor for our traditional servers to improve your overall dining experience. You may now dine comfortably from your seat as servers take your order, bring you your meal, and deliver your bills.

Are side dishes, rice, and miso soup come with extra charge?

All meals, both lunch and dinner (for both in-restaurant dining AND to-go orders), come with complimentary side dishes and rice at no extra charge. It is important to note that we serve only one rice portion per entree ordered (excluding appetizers) - any extra rice servings come at an additional charge of $2. There are unlimited refills for all side dishes (please refill reasonably, to allow other customers their due portions as well). Miso soup accompanies every lunch box, and typically any meal that is not a soup/stew or contain a broth.

What kind of side dishes are available?

Our side dishes are prepped every morning in fresh batches; depending on seasonality of ingredients and our chefs' discretion, certain side dishes are made available whereas others are not. There is no set schedule as to what side dishes will come out in lieu of others. Key side dishes such as kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage) will always be made readily available. All other side dishes are subject to change in availability. A few of the side dishes commonly served are beansprouts, lotus root, cucumber kimchi, fish cakes, and many more.

May I order side dishes in large portions to-go?

Unfortunately, we do not sell our side dishes separately from our entrees. There are no exceptions. Our side dishes are made every morning in a limited number of fresh batches for customers that both dine at our restaurant and order to-go meals - for this reason, we cannot accomodate such specific requests with our side dishes.

Is there a delivery service available?

Unfortunately, we do not do delivery. Alternatively, we have a take-out/pick-up service where you may call in and order ahead of time so that your food is ready upon your arrival as a to-go order. All to-go orders come with complimentary side dishes and rice per entree (complimentary miso soup is excluded from our to-go orders).

Are there any allergy warnings/concerns we should know about?

Most of our menu items that are grilled or marinated tend to be cooked/prepared with soy sauce or contain ingredients with gluten present. Common allergy warnings include gluten and dairy (specifically, eggs, in certain dishes) allergies. Please verify with our staff on specifics to avoid allergic reactions with our menu items.

Can reservations be made at your restaurant?

Absolutely! Please be sure to make your reservations in a timely manner so that our staff may account for your party size within the limited space of our restaurant amongst other reservations. To make a reservation, simply call in in advance (972-423-4057) and leave us your name, phone number, party size, and estimated time of arrival so that our staff may prepare your table accordingly. We may also take your orders ahead of time so that there is less of a wait between seating and dining upon arrival.

Are there any discounts at your restaurant?

We have released a 10% discount via local newspapers (KTN news) and flyers as a promotional offer. Please bring in the newspaper clipping or the flyer for us to verify your discount upon dining. Photos of newspaper clippings or the flyer will not be permitted.

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